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Strike Pose for National Selfie Day

Grab a smartphone and find the best lighting because Tuesday is National Selfie Day. To help celebrate, Lukas Partners client UScellular offers helpful tips to capture shareable selfies.

· Natural light reigns supreme — Natural light is the best and most-flattering light for photos, according to Backlight. While all-natural light is good, the best time of day to take a photo is called “golden hour” – the hour right after the sun rises and right before it sets. If natural lighting is not available, a selfie ring light is a good accessory to consider.

· Use filters and editing sparingly — While filters can be a lot of fun, use them when they enhance an image and don’t detract from the content. Same goes with editing. While a few tricks can take your selfie to the next level, it’s not necessary to over-edit. Top photo editing apps include Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor, Afterlight and InShot.

· Mix it up — Get creative with your content by showing off a new manicure or jewelry, posing with a friend or a pet or featuring a stellar sunset in the background. This will help keep your feed fresh while still showcasing your best selfies.

· Keep it professional — Selfies can be used for more than just Instagram. If you are strapped for a professional headshot or new LinkedIn profile picture, the right selfie could be the answer. According to Allure, LinkedIn’s career expert Nicole Williams said the best way to snap a professional selfie is to look comfortable and confident. Making sure your shoulders are down will present a confident posture and photos in color are more eye-catching than black-and-white.

· Upgrade your device — Phone manufacturers recognize the importance of a good front-facing camera as they improve each smartphone model. The latest smart devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series or Apple iPhone 13 include advanced cameras that elevate selfies.

· Practice makes perfect — Everyone is unique, so figuring out what works best for you will take some practice. Test out different lighting and try taking selfies from different angles to find what pose you are most comfortable striking.

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