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Your audiences engage in social media. Be part of the conversation.

Lukas Partners provides support to organizations and businesses in building and maintaining their social media platforms. Through social media, we help you reach, understand and communicate effectively with customers, supporters and the news media. We create effective and efficient social media strategies for all types of clients in order to promote events, reinforce brand identity and build relationships with followers. We cost-effectively build and manage various social streams for clients in addition to teaching clients how to have two-way conversations with their target audiences.

Lukas Partners provides the following social media services:

Social Media Strategy
Lukas Partners creates social media strategies to fit our clients’ unique needs. We can create a strategy for your organization that will guide your social media manager in messaging and building followers.

Media Management
Lukas Partners manages social media accounts for all types of clients. We develop and execute social media strategies on behalf of our clients that establish consistent and engaging brand messaging and well-timed postings.

Social Media Tutorials and Setup
Lukas Partners provides social media tutorials to help your organization manage your social media streams effectively. We can also help you create social media pages that reflect your organization’s brand.

Blog Writing
Lukas Partners writes blogs on behalf of clients. A blog is a great tool for sharing information about your organization, boosting SEO and driving traffic to your organization’s website. Sharing blogs through social media is also a great way to engage your followers with content about your organization.

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