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Clients Recommend Lukas Partners

“I recommend that you engage Lukas Partners to manage public relations strategy and execution. Lukas Partners supports Children’s with a number of public relations efforts and execution. Lukas Partners has expertise in a broad range of public relations disciplines including social media.”

Celia Ferrel, MHA, APR
Marketing Department
Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

“It takes a team effort to bring the community together to accomplish great things. But it also takes people with the right skills and experience to piece all the variables together. We found Lukas Partners to be the right fit for us and for our volunteers. They really maximized our efforts and demonstrated that they cared about this project as much as we do. They helped us build a solid campaign from the ground up and helped us overcome challenges along the way. I would have no reservation in recommending Lukas Partners to anyone considering a major fundraising effort. They consistently met and exceeded my expectations.”

Jayson Pullman
Hawarden Regional Healthcare

“If you’re looking for public relations counsel you can count on, I’d definitely recommend Lukas Partners. As a team and individually, they’re adept at strategy, savvy about how to generate media interest and willing to go the extra mile to make a project, event or story pitch successful.”

Cris Hay-Merchant, APR

Director, Strategic Communications
Bellevue University 

“Lukas Partners media training helped me be more comfortable with the news media. It helped me gain confidence and be effective.”

Heather Guthridge, Education Assistant
Papio – Missouri River
Natural Resources District

“Creative, Engaging, Thorough."

Leah Magno, VP & Senior Lead Corporate Sponsorship Manager
Bank of the West

“Experts, Committed, Talented."

Kellie Szabo

Director, Corporate Communication

U.S. Cellular

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