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Caroline Gran


Senior Account Executive

Caroline is an experienced communicator who uses her skills to deliver results for clients. With experience spanning more than 25 years in both corporate and academic settings, clients know that Caroline’s  attention to detail and organizational efficiency help clients focus on what is truly important. She understands her clients’ varied audiences, and knows how to produce messaging that is clean, correct and professional. Some examples of Caroline’s contributions include:

• Writing, designing and editing employee benefit communications.

Making employee benefit presentations to all employee levels, from senior management to production employees.

• Meeting with employee groups to deliver news that is sensitive and perceived as negative.

• Managing enrollment of employee benefits to employee groupings of all sizes, from small departments to company-wide groups of 80,000.

• Planning, writing and designing employee newsletters, brochures and other communication pieces.

• Overseeing employee intranet and other electronic communication media, including planning, researching and writing copy; measuring use; and conducting focus groups to increase participation.

• Coordinating special event planning, including speechwriting, audio-visual communications and logistics.

• Writing and editing high-level communication projects, often of a technical, strategic and confidential level.

Prior to joining Lukas Partners, Caroline managed employee communication initiatives in a variety of corporate settings, including a global office products company and a Fortune 500 food company.

Caroline earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education, Language Arts endorsement, from Peru State College and a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Clients rely on Caroline for her determined attention to detail and follow-through.

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