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Stay Organized Yet Flexible Creating Your 2021 Content Strategy

A new year brings with it a clean slate. Due to the uncertainty that continues with COVID-19, approach your 2021 content strategy with flexibility. In-person events remain in limbo, and company plans could change at a moment’s notice. Still, it’s imperative for organizations to reach their target audiences. Digital media is a prime way to do that, as people are spending more time online than ever before.

In fact, according to Nielsen’s 2019 Total Audience Report, media is now being consumed almost half of all available minutes per day – 11 hours and 45 minutes. This includes time spent watching television, streaming content on a phone or other device, surfing social media and listening to the radio.

At Lukas Partners, we recommend starting 2021 by creating a monthly content calendar that includes dates and times to post content to help you stay organized, determine what you want to share and the ideal time to share it. The calendar can include social media posts, news media pitch ideas, newsletter topics, blog ideas, customer email suggestions and more.

Brainstorming the topics of your content can be a bit tricky in 2021 due to the unpredictability of the pandemic, so if you’re struggling to create fresh content, seek “evergreen” content that is relevant and sustainable into the future. Research national day calendars and awareness months and determine if there is a genuine way to infuse it into your content strategy. Blogs providing subject-matter experts are also a good way to showcase your brand. Repurpose and refresh existing content by finding a timely stat or trend to revisit it. Customer testimonials, inspirational quotes or key moments in your organization’s history also can be utilized to fill in any gaps on a content calendar.

Some of the adaptations and ingenuity driven by the pandemic of the past year are sure to be lasting changes to work into your communication planning for 2021. For more information or help planning a strategic content strategy for 2021, contact us at

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