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UScellular Project Helps Youth Connect, Close Homework Gap

Access to reliable connectivity causes a divide between youth who have access and those who do not. Currently, 35% of low-income households lack any access to broadband service at home. This leads to an issue known as the “homework gap” among students who lack proper internet access.

To close this gap, Lukas Partners client UScellular has launched the After School Access Project, a program that provides free mobile hotspots and service to nonprofits that support youth after the school day has ended and provides safe internet access for homework and education.

Seeing the greater need, the company has pledged to donate up to $13 million in hotspots and service in 2022. Eligible 501c3 nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply at

Nonprofit organizations who meet the following criteria are welcomed to apply:

  • Certified 501c3 nonprofit organizations

  • Operate within UScellular’s service area

  • Focused on kindergarten through 12th grade

  • Not a school or government entity

Hotspot devices will be shipped to nonprofit organizations within six to eight weeks of an approved, completed application.

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