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Prepare Your Phone for Anything

September is National Preparedness Month, a month dedicated to encouraging the public to prepare for local disaster risks and unplanned emergencies. Wireless devices can help us prepare for upcoming weather events, store important information and stay updated on local news in the face of an emergency.

Lukas Partners client UScellular recommends the following smartphone tips to stay prepared in case of an emergency:

Keep your contacts up to date: Create a physical and digital list that has phone numbers and email addresses of police, fire, hospital, schools and other essential contacts.

Social media sources: Facebook and Twitter have become a helpful way to quickly get and share information. During severe weather, social media can help provide real-time updates, keep people in touch with loved ones and let family and friends know you are safe.

Save important documents and photos: Save photos of important documents that include health insurance cards on your phone along with “before” photos of the interior and exterior of your property for insurance purposes.

Ensure you can recover important information: Back up your smartphone on a regular basis. That way, if it gets stolen or damaged and the phone is not recoverable, important information will already be saved.

Download essential safety apps: Free apps from FEMA, AccuWeather and local news stations are available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Make sure to have apps downloaded in case the electricity goes out, such as the Flashlight app.

Protect your data: When the unexpected happens, UScellular offers Device Protection+ that protects your phone from when it is damaged, lost or stolen and also comes with tools to back up data and protect against Malware.

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