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UScellular Program Allows K-12 Youth Organizations to Earn Money Virtually

As school districts enter month two of the 2022-23 year, academic and athletic groups look for ways to earn funds. UScellular’s Community Connections program allows K-12 youth organizations to earn money for equipment, travel and resources completely online by doing simple, digital activities. Organizers can register their group at to start earning up to $1,000 in sponsorship support.

Once registered, local K-12 nonprofit academic and athletic groups can then rally their friends, family and social networks to perform up to five digital activities within 14 days to earn sponsorship dollars. Activities include watching a short video, visiting UScellular’s website and answering a short survey. Each completed activity earns money directly for the organization – up to $1,000. The website makes it easy to spread the word on social media.

Since launching the Community Connections program in 2015, UScellular has awarded $1.5 million to over 3,200 K-12 groups nationwide.

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