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Be Ready for the Media Spotlight

Lukas Partners provides expert media and thought leader coaching to business executives, nonprofit representatives, education leaders and individuals. Working effectively with the news media and social media influencers is a way to foster public understanding, support and brand awareness, which can be essential for the success of any organization.

Our media training is tailored for each organization and can be offered in a virtual format to help thought leaders transition to credible spokespeople in the event they may suddenly be put in the media spotlight. The pandemic has reshaped how companies connect with their audiences and how the news media covers stories. The coaching is designed to help spokespeople better handle interviews and speaking opportunities, whether they are related to providing company or product-related information or situations that may produce negative media coverage.

In preparing clients, we provide a news trends overview, video news clip examples, interactive group discussions and on-camera interview practices that include scenarios and questions based on potential media situations an executive may face.

Participants learn how to:

- Take and maintain control of an interview or situation.

- Develop and deliver message points.

- Pivot and bridge to key messages during challenging interview situations.

In addition, they will learn:

- The difference between a “friendly” and “crisis” interview and how one can turn into the other.

- Tips on interviewing with different types of media and interview settings.

- Issues management and crisis training skills.

If you would like to learn more about media training for your organization, please email Joan Lukas at or call 402-895-2552.

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