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UScellular Partnership Guides Next Generation to Healthier Digital Future

Lukas Partners client UScellular has a partnership with Screen Sanity, an international nonprofit dedicated to help parents and children navigate the digital landscape. Together, UScellular and Screen Sanity are committed to bring healthier digital habits to all in a smart, thoughtful way.

As a wireless company, UScellular’s mission is to connect people to what matters most. But the company also knows that sometimes there are unintended consequences when relationships with technology get out of place. UScellular has worked to help people of all ages reset and redefine healthy digital connection through its Phones Down for 5 Challenge and US Mode experience, aimed at inspiring people to develop healthier relationships with their technology.

To build on these efforts and take action during back-to-school season, UScellular and Screen Sanity have introduced the Smarter Start initiative, with the shared goal to help families build healthy digital habits together. As part of this initiative, UScellular and Screen Sanity have released the Smarter Start Toolkit a free, downloadable kit for families looking for guidance on building better digital habits.

The Smarter Start Toolkit includes educational and actionable tools and tips for both parents and kids, so everyone can use phones and technology in a thoughtful way. From discussion guides for parents introducing a first phone to a customizable phone plan and pledge between parent and child, the toolkit helps families tackle what can often be a complicated and challenging conversation, especially heading into back-to-school season.

To learn more about UScellular's partnership with Screen Sanity, visit

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