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Best Mobile Habits to Consider Keeping During 'New Normal'

If you have spent more time on mobile devices since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. The average time spent on phones and tablets has increased by over half an hour per day to reach 4 hours, 16 minutes – a 13.8% growth over the last year and the fastest annual increase since 2014.

We now turn to our phones in new ways. We stay connected socially and for work using Zoom calls. Our kids dial-in for education. We meditate online. We go to music lessons virtually. We even pre-order coffee and food on our phones. Society has developed new mobile habits that are helpful to adapt to the “new normal.”

Since the pandemic, adults and kids have adapted how they use their devices. Some of our new mobile usage habits give us the flexibility and time to keep the non-screen habits alive, such as family dinners, playing cards, getting outside, exercising, trying new recipes and cooking together as a family.

Lukas Partners client UScellular suggests some mobile habits you should consider keeping as we head into 2022 in this infographic.

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