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This week good time to experience reset moment with technology

Celebrated the first week of May, National Screen Free Week (through Sunday) is a week-long challenge for families, schools and communities to disconnect from digital entertainment screens. Lukas Partners client UScellular encourages consumers to take time to reset their relationship with technology and set aside their entertainment screens that include cellphones and tablets.

To help make it easier and create conversation around the need to stop our addiction with our smartphones, UScellular created the Phones Down for Five challenge. The challenge encourages phone users to choose a time limit that best meets their needs to put down their phone and reconnect with their friends and family.

UScellular offers the following tips to make the most of National Screen Free Week.

Disconnect Wisely: Needs may dictate not being able to disconnect completely — and that’s OK. Entertainment screens mean you can’t use Screen Free Week as an excuse not to do your homework or job. For Screen Free Week, only use your cellphone and computer for necessary school work and tasks related to your job.

Out of sight: Put your phone somewhere you won’t be readily able to see it, such as a drawer or cabinet. Keep it in your purse or bag while in your car. Consider putting your phone in airplane mode or turning off notifications, so you won’t be tempted to distract you with entertainment. Put your game controllers and TV remote controls in a drawer or unplug the devices for the week.

US Mode: US Mode is a UScellular initiative to help smartphone users better utilize customizable native focus settings on their smartphones. Smartphone owners can enable and design their own US Mode settings that include those that can help set limits on certain entertainment apps. More information is at or your local store.

Spend time with people you love: Grab dinner with a friend you have not seen in a while. Have a meaningful conversation with your partner. Invite your neighbors over for a board game night. Cook a complicated recipe with your family. Create memories that you can’t replicate when you are focused on your entertainment devices.

Get creative: Draw, dance, write, paint or get creative in the kitchen. Use your screen-free time as an opportunity to reconnect with your creative side and sharpen your brain.

Get out. Work out. Chill out: Spend time outdoors to get fresh air and be in nature. It’s good for your mental and physical health.

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