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Stand Out from the Crowd: Build Social Media Engagement for Your Brand

Over the past few months, companies have had to adjust the way they reach consumers. A greater emphasis has been placed on digital media strategies to target audiences that have primarily been online due to COVID-19.

According to Hootsuite, 50% of the global population is on social media today – that is 3.8 billion people. The Harris Poll, conducted between late March and early May, found that between 46% and 51% of adults in the United States were using social media more since the pandemic began.

With increased online traffic, the opportunity to grow your social media network is more prevalent than ever. Attracting your target audience doesn’t have to be daunting. Lukas Partners has found the following strategies helpful in boosting engagement for your brand.

Involve Your Audience

One way you can increase social media engagement is to create a dialogue that invites audiences into the conversation. Build a rapport by asking questions that are relevant with your followers’ interests to engage them to respond and offer their perspectives. Many organizations have created Twitter and Facebook audience polls that allow them to gain a better idea of their followers’ opinions on timely subjects related to their brand. For example, a hospitality company could ask users to pick their favorite foods or weekend activities. Some YouTubers ask their audience what they would like to see in the future, which is a direct and helpful way to keep the audience engaged by giving them exactly what they want.

Another way to interact with followers can be done through a regular online chat series on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. Begin the conversation by building a plan for how often you want to engage in chats with the public and creating a unique hashtag so participants don’t get lost in the crowd. After determining the chat topic, invite people to share their thoughts on posed questions or ask influencers to share expertise on subjects of interest. By announcing regular chats and responding to comments, you can better understand your followers, develop trust, and tailor your page to customer interests.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re struggling to create fresh content, consider getting creative with your posts. Evergreen content that is relevant and sustainable into the future is an effective way to initiate conversation. Evergreen content can be posted throughout the year and can include blogs, testimonials, inspirational quotes or key moments in your organization’s history.

If you would like to map out your messages, monthly content calendars that include posting dates and times can help you determine what you want to share and when. You also can utilize online social media calendar tools to streamline the process.

Embrace the Value of Social Media Storytelling

Developing a distinctive voice allows you to “define your story” in a manner that your audience can understand. Boost engagement utilizing social media storytelling, which allows brands to share their unique narratives in different ways on social media platforms, according to Sprout Social.

One method of sharing your narrative is through visuals. Photos and high-quality videos receive excellent engagement, as people tend to interact more with visuals than words. It’s also important that your content contains a human interest element. If you want to talk about your company’s values, consider creating a video that showcases your mission. Social media storytelling is about including your customers in your message and publishing content that resonates with people. Only you can tell your story. Tell it with confidence!

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