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Outlook Enrichment Helps Omaha Woman with Vision Loss Regain Courage and Confidence

February is Low Vision Awareness Month, an important time of year for Omaha nonprofit Outlook Enrichment, a Lukas Partners client. Outlook Enrichment is dedicated to helping anyone dealing with vision loss find the resources they need to stay independent and continue doing the things they love. Through our work with Outlook Enrichment, we had the opportunity to help share Julia Lockett’s inspiring story of her journey with vision loss.

Julia experienced significant change to her vision due to diabetic retinopathy in 2015, which eventually took away all of her vision in her left eye, leaving her unable to drive. When Julia’s husband passed away, she turned to Outlook Enrichment for the support she needed to maintain her independence.

At Outlook Enrichment, Julia has been working with adaptive technology trainer, Doug Wampler, on using assistive technology to learn new ways of doing things with low vision. Thanks to the support from Outlook Enrichment, Julia has been able to return to her career in finance, while leveraging technology to perform her work duties.

Julia is one of the more than 15,000 people in the Omaha area who are affected by significant vision loss. She has developed the courage and confidence to face a world that felt out of reach in her journey with vision loss.

If you or a loved one is affected by vision loss, or if you would like to support Outlook Enrichment’s mission, more information about the resources and services it provides to the community is available at

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