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Omaha Equestrian Foundation Hosts the 2022 International Omaha Presented by Burlington Capital

Omaha will take center stage in the global equestrian world when the 2022 International Omaha Presented by Burlington Capital returns around Mother’s Day weekend this year, May 5-8, 2022, at CHI Health Center Omaha. Hosted by Omaha Equestrian Foundation, a Lukas Partners client, the event will feature top jumping and vaulting competitors who will be competing for over $250,000 in prize money. See some of the world’s finest equestrian athletes who will travel to Omaha from multiple countries and 40 states.

The 2022 International Omaha Presented by Burlington Capital will feature a Vaulting competition for the first time in Omaha, in addition to Speed Jumping and a Grand Prix Jumping Challenge. The Vaulting competition will be an important qualifying event for individuals and Pas De Deux (pairs) for the FEI Vaulting World Cup™ Final that will also be hosted by the Omaha Equestrian Foundation in Omaha in 2023. Packed with emotion, creativity and athleticism, vaulting is the FEI’s fastest-growing discipline. Intertwining the acrobatics of gymnastics with showmanship comparable to Cirque du Soleil, vaulters express themselves through choreography, costume and music.

Scheduled through Mother’s Day weekend, the event provides an opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day in a way most families likely never have before. In addition to the top competitors from around the world displaying mastery of their craft with magnificent horses, the event will feature shopping, food sampling, demonstrations and engaging educational exhibits for children – all under one roof. There also will be opportunities for visitors to collect autographs from riders and take photos with them.

All-session tickets are now available and start at just $45 – a great value for four days of competition. Single-session tickets will be available at a later date. Learn more about the 2022 International Omaha Presented by Burlington Capital at

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