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Mind Your Digital Manners During National Cellphone Courtesy Month

July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month. With smartphone usage on the rise, it’s a timely reminder to watch your digital manners. Lukas Partners PR client UScellular conducted a survey to learn how considerate consumers are when they use their smartphones.

Some key survey insights include: 

· Number One. A place of worship is still considered to be the most inappropriate place to use a cellphone as 68% of people believe that is off limits.

· On the Rise. 65% of people believe smartphone usage while on a date is rude, an 8% increase from 2022.  

· Room for Improvement. Less than half of consumers think cellphone use is inappropriate during dinner with family and friends (42%), while spending time with their kids (24%) or at a concert (21%).

· Anytime, Anywhere. Demonstrating a change in views on smartphone use, only 4% of people think there are no inappropriate places to use their cellphone, a significant decrease from 2022.

UScellular offers the following tips to help smartphone users mind their digital manners:

· Put Your Phone in US Mode. UScellular created US Mode to help you better utilize customizable native focus settings on your smartphone. US Mode helps you take control of notifications – personalize when and how your phone sends alerts to minimize distractions, focus on human connections and be more courteous to those around you.

· For Your Ears Only. Sound can travel further than you think, which can create a negative experience for those around you. Set ringers and vibration patterns on low and be mindful of your own voice when you take phone calls or video chat. Try using Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds or other types of headphones while you game, take a work call or stream content to help contain your digital noise.

· Watch Your Step. Don’t be one of the 34% of people who have walked into someone or something while they use their phone. It is a good idea to stop walking, look up and be attentive while using your smartphone.   

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