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Make Informed Data Access Decisions

Keeping our homes and cars secure are a top priority for many. But what about personal data? Individuals may actively opt in to give apps their personal data without even realizing it.

Today is Data Privacy Day, commemorating the Jan. 28, 1981, signing of Convention 108 - the first legally binding international treaty to deal with privacy and data protection. In honor of that, UScellular highlights tips to help users know how apps may be using their personal information.

While most apps utilize information like location, photos and microphone to optimize functionality, it’s important for phone users to be aware of what data is actually required and how to revoke or give permission to specific apps. Tips include:

-Check privacy settings to be aware of what apps currently have access to your personal information. To check which apps are accessing your private information, open the Settings app on your device and click on the option labeled Privacy.

-Update Location Services. From Settings, then Privacy, users can click into Location Services and review which apps are currently using their locations.

-Consider ad targeting permissions. Whether phone users are interested in targeted advertising to get personalized deals or want to remain hidden from advertisers, there are a few tips users should know. Within Privacy, Apple users, can click Apple Advertising to toggle off or on for personalized advertising for a more targeted experience.

-Be cognizant of requests when downloading a new app. Most of the time when a user downloads a new app, they will get a prompt to give the app access to specific information. Users should consider why the app may need the information and therefore, if they should give or revoke permission.

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