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Growing a New Hobby

In between supporting clients, Lukas Partners Senior Account Executive Brian Ayers says gardening is a new hobby that gives him work-life balance. He and his wife, Jennie, were recently featured in the Omaha World-Herald for the garden they have built while being home during the pandemic. It has been a rewarding experience for them both over the past year: planning, planting and harvesting the goods from their garden. Brian has picked up all kinds of tips from a gardening book given to him by his mother. He’s the researcher, planter and groundskeeper; Jennie is the carpenter, engineer and canner. They have a variety of canned goods from their harvest, and their composting will help fertilize this year’s garden.

They are currently growing seedlings indoors, soon to be planted as the weather continues to thaw in the Midwest. Dig in and read the Omaha World-Herald article here. For any urban farmer questions, or if you have a PR question, feel free to email Brian at

(Photo Courtesy: Omaha World-Herald)

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