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Lukas Partners 2019 Trend Watch

In 2018 we saw a lot of changes to social media platforms. The way users interact with each other and organizations has slightly shifted.

Also in 2018, we saw a larger migration of primary Facebook users to Instagram. Many social media users we have spoken with are drawn to Instagram because of its simplicity and image-based formula. We have seen organizations add Instagram to their list of platforms and/or becoming more active.

In 2019, Lukas Partners expects the Instagram shift to continue, with organizations utilizing stories to give a day-to-day inside look and posts to showcase values and mission. One of the challenges of Instagram for organizations is the lack of ability to share links in posts or stories. There are a few ways to work around this. Some organizations sponsor stories to add links. Another great way to add clickable content is through adding action buttons to your profile. What we find really innovative is @manrepeller, which links its Instagram bio to a blog page that features in order each Instagram post on their Instagram page. This not only moves people from Instagram to perusing your page, but it increases the likelihood that they will click to different posts while they are there.

Another shift we anticipate in 2019 is organizations integrating more messaging apps like What’s App or Facebook Messenger into marketing and PR campaigns. A good way to do this is through a contest or call-to-action to message for more details.

Some are already using bots to help handle repeat questions and requests to free up their experts to have more value-based messenger conversations. For example, Sephora has a Facebook Messenger Bot that helps to book an appointment for a makeover at Sephora stores, freeing up their team to answer more complex and involved questions online.

Continued efforts to stand out in the crowd on social media will keep rolling into 2019. At Lukas Partners, we believe that focus on creative elements and emotion evoking storytelling will always engage users more than any other content.

Another successful tip we utilize at Lukas Partners is to repurpose and re-use engaging content. If it’s engaging the first time around, typically it will continue the trend the next time. We also find that posting organically first to gauge interest on social media can help in choosing what content could work best as an ad later on. This doesn’t work in every situation, but for long-term campaigns, it can be very successful.

Video and live video continue to be king when it comes to content. People are still watching more than they are reading online, and in particular, on social media. This year we saw the emergence of Instagram LIVE and IGTV, adding new tools to the video toolbox.

We also like Facebook’s new Premieres feature, which allows pages to “premiere” recorded video to its audience in lieu of a live video with similar engagement and benefits as a live moment.

Facebook has launched “watch parties” which are a good option to unveil a video to a Facebook group.

In 2019, we see LinkedIn increasing in value for organizations, as we have already seen it do so this past year with our B2B clients. LinkedIn recently unveiled new tools for company pages, including the ability to share tagged posts. This is useful for company pages that have thought leadership on LinkedIn. The thought leader, usually CEO, President or another C-Suite executive, can tag the company in a post on their profile, and then the company can share it on the main page. Boosting fusion and cross-posting between the two in the process.

LinkedIn now allows PDF, PowerPoint and other items to be used in posts. This is useful for webinar or presentations where you’d like to drive your audience to LinkedIn to engage with your thought leader and therefore, your organization after a speaking engagement.

Many people are still using social media on a regular basis and like to hear from organizations that they know, like and trust, as well as those who can help them in achieving their work or personal goals.

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