Fun Public Relations Tip: Using 1 Second Everyday as a Digital Marketing Tool

There are 86,400 seconds in every day. The app, “1 Second Everyday” makes use of those extra seconds to help its users create a video diary to showcase their life’s daily activities.

Lukas Partners’ president and owner Joan Lukas and senior account executive LeAnne Morman utilize the app and share how it could best work for brands.

“At Lukas Partners, we are always exploring new technology to help our clients reach their target audiences through innovative digital means,” said Joan.

The main draw for brands is that it is a quick-and-easy app to create interesting and engaging video over a specific time period. The app edits the videos you’ve collected together when you are ready to finalize your video, with your oversight and control. All you have to do is remember to point and shoot the video each day through the app. It compensates days you do forget, and you can add videos as much, or as little as you want and populate the seconds into one streaming clip for your desired time frame.

For example, say your organization is building a new building. You’d like to show the progress through the months in an engaging way to your target market. You could take a snippet of video each day or each week of the building and splice it together using the 1 Second Everyday app for a compilation that is shared with your digital audiences.

It also could be good for a behind-the-scenes look inside your organization to build your brand. Maybe you spend a second each day getting a video clip of unique and interesting activities that could be shared during a key time or event.

“This app is wonderful because it is easy to capture a few seconds of video. Many are asked to capture photos and video for social media anyway, this is a great tool that could create more content down the road for digital marketing efforts,” said LeAnne.

To watch LeAnne’s video compilation, click here.


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