Diane Knicky


Senior Account Executive

Diane manages client events, both large and small, for corporate clients as well as nonprofit organizations. For example, she coordinates event logistic details for the annual Bank of the West Celebrates America free concert in Memorial Park in Omaha, Neb., which attracts over 60,000 people. Diane has also managed check presentation events, community outreach events and fundraising events for a variety of nonprofit clients. Diane’s attention to detail and strong event logistic management experience ensures that client events are successful.

In addition, Diane combines opinion and market research experience with strong communication skills to bring a comprehensive package of research services to clients. Among the industries for which she has completed research projects are health care, secondary and higher education, utilities and the environment.

Diane’s event management and research projects have included:

• For energy and utility clients, she planned and managed community and stakeholder meetings dealing with controversial projects.

• For a global manufacturer of industrial equipment, she planned a company-wide management symposium.

• For a consumer goods manufacturer, she measured attitudes and tested statements to build a foundation for public relations planning.

• For a banking group, she conducted a customer satisfaction study to further enhance client retention efforts.

• For a university, she completed a market study to determine perceptions of education quality and tuition issues.

• For a professional services client, she conducted secondary research to identify potential threats to and opportunities for their organizations to complement their long-term strategic planning process.