Your Blog: The Star of your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Nearly half of consumers today review three to five pieces of content before making the first step to making a purchase. According to Tech Client, featuring a blog on your website gives you a 434 percent better chance of being highly ranked on search engines.

Being informative and findable to online audiences are major reasons why blogs remain relevant in the online space of constant change. Publishing content regularly draws search bots to your website, and people naturally share links to great information. Your blog is where that content can live to help drive the people you’re engaging to the place where the commerce happens ‒ your website.

Here are a few concepts we recommend at Lukas Partners for establishing your organization’s blog as the featured attraction of your social strategy:

The welcome mat for your products, services and brand ‒ Think how often you go to an “About Us” page of a company or organization. For most people, it’s once, but the goal is for visitors of your website to keep coming back for more, to click around and learn more about the organization, such as its leadership, products and viewpoints. That’s exactly what a blog can provide. One of the biggest missed opportunities we see is organizations sending their online audiences to YouTube or iTunes to view their content instead of embedding those posts on their blogs and linking back to them.

A destination for your followers ‒ Your social media status update is the big bus that picks up your passengers, and the blog is where they get dropped off to experience that engagement. When they get there, try to give them a reason to stay. We recommend writing to your target audience, so when you are creating content for your organization, be mindful of what matters to them and answer for your organization how it can provide expertise and value.

Sustainable frequency ‒ How often should you post? Only as often as you can post quality content. For some businesses that could be once a week. For others, it could be once a month. Keep in mind, boring content doesn’t get shared, so keeping a quality-over-quantity approach can help attract a following of brand advocates. Sticking to a consistent schedule helps establish your organization as a helpful resource ripe for return visits.

Stay organized with a content strategy ‒ An organizational tool we use is an editorial calendar for our blog. An easy way to create one is to think about four general topics that matter to your customers. For each one, create three subtopics. If your schedule is once a week, you’ve just created the roadmap for a whole quarter of new content!

Reposting is recommended, not forbidden ‒ Once you’ve crafted a quality blog post, you now have a piece of content with a long shelf-life to leverage. If what you wrote about in June still applies, and you received good feedback the last time you posted it, go ahead and post it again.  Quality content is appreciated, and, most importantly, it gets shared. And as much as we’d like to think our followers see everything we put out on our blogs and social channels, very few do.

We can count on lots of new developments to happen this year that will enhance the way we communicate and maximize the reach of our efforts. Your blog will keep its important role in helping people and organizations get more acquainted with you.

About the blogger: Brian Ayers is a senior account executive at Lukas Partners who helps clients share their stories through traditional and digital formats. As a former journalist, he knows the elements of a good story and helps organizations tell theirs in a powerful way.

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