Beyond Bond: Snapchat Spectacles Are Making Waves

Gone are the days when photograph enabled spectacles are only a tool of fictional secret agents like James Bond. When Snapchat unveiled their version of glasses that are photo enabled in 2016, called Spectacles by Snap, Inc., the word skeptical was used in tandem with the spectacle as uncertainty loomed of whether they would catch on and be the next big thing.

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Retailing at $129.99, the sunglasses offer a first-person perspective of the world that is mostly hands-free through a small camera built into the sunglasses. The glasses cut out using hand-eye coordination to frame shots and instead, you fully rely on your eyes to capture the best vantage point. Once you are done the glasses send 10-second clips to your iPhone or Android smartphone via the Snapchat app.

While the sunglass aspect of the Spectacles limit use to outside activity, organizations are starting to use this first-person vantage point as a tool to help boost brand awareness and social engagement. From Mountain Dew to the New York Stock Exchange, brands and organizations have been testing the waters with their new shades. Most recently, Royal Caribbean modified a pair of underwater googles to work with Spectacles to give Snapchat followers previously unseen underwater viewpoints from divers. They have expanded it beyond Snapchat to tap into the experience’s full social media potential on other platforms by utilizing the hashtag, #SeekDeeper.

Snap Spectacles recently launched in Europe and won three gold Lions at Cannes for functional design aspects. In a recent TechCrunch article, sources say Snap Inc. has a 2.0 version of Spectacles in the works. It is believed the new version would intertwine augmented reality.

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