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Moms love Instagram!

A study by social media site Instagram says 93 percent of moms in the U.S. use the site at least once a week. According to an article in Fast Company, Instagram’s research found 68 percent of moms visit the site every day, with some checking it up to six times a day. Their research also found that more than three-fourths of moms on Instagram take action after seeing content that inspires them.

If your organization is not currently using Instagram, you may want to consider developing it as part of your visual marketing strategy.



Harnessing the power of your key influencers

As a keen marketer, you know the importance of targeting influencers. But how do you identify your real influencers?

The folks at Experticity tell us the answer to this question and more (through a nifty infographic), finding that micro-influencers have 22 times more buying conversations than typical consumers that directly impact sales. Now, that’s a lot of power!





Author shares tips for giving speeches that will captivate your audience

Have you ever given a speech and wondered if anyone in the audience is still paying attention? Author J. Robert Parkinson has advice for giving a speech that doesn’t sound like it’s being read from a transcript, even if it is.

Parkinson’s first tip: “talk to people, not to things.” Parkinson says you should also outline your speech, present ideas, and watch your audience carefully. You can read all of Parkinson’s tips for giving an effective speech here.