Times are changing for LinkedIn: Images are the new Headline

Gone are the days where LinkedIn is solely a social platform to post your resume and connect with colleagues. More often, organizations are turning to LinkedIn to do business with other like-minded organizations, engage future employees and to share and read subject matter experts’ viewpoints on industry changes and trends.

According to LinkedIn, 45% of post readers are in the upper ranks of their industries. This is great news for social media B2B marketers, because posts have the potential to cut through clutter and go direct to a company decision-maker.

LinkedIn has been known for influencers, and a good strategy we utilize at Lukas Partners is to engage influencers within an organization to post to LinkedIn and support the company page, to help grow an organic audience and increase engagement.

Recently, LinkedIn opened up the capability to post video for people with personal LinkedIn accounts. It currently does not allow this on company pages, but has announced it will roll out video on company pages in 2018. Company page managers will have the ability to measure engagement on videos they post on the platform, as well, once video posting is made available.

Right now, for company pages, posts with compelling images get the most engagement. LinkedIn Marketing recently tweeted that “Images are the new Headline.” Which rings true on most social platforms in order to draw engagement. The ideal image size for LinkedIn is 1200 X 627.

LinkedIn is constantly evolving and definitely an asset for businesses and organizations. Especially in the B2B channel where it can be difficult to cut through the millions of people to get to decision-makers at other businesses.

About the blogger:
LeAnne Morman is a senior account executive at Lukas Partners. As a former journalist, LeAnne has a great deal of experience with all types of media, including social and digital formats. She works with organizations on a regular basis to help them use digital and social media to their advantage.

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