How to Win a Gold Medal in the Social Media Olympics

It’s not very often that an event or topic trends for more than one day on social media. The Olympic Games is the exception to that norm. People around the world are focused on the event at the same time.

As a senior account executive at Lukas Partners, I keep an eye on popular social content to keep our clients trendy.

So how can an organization ride the Olympic wave of popularity? The best venue to post on the Olympics is Twitter, in my opinion.

If you have insight that would fit well with the latest topic of discussion, tweet about it using popular hashtags. Keep in mind, images generate the most engagement, so be sure to include one in your tweet.

Google makes it easy to see what people are talking about; they’ve created a specific Pyeongchang 2018 Trend Search to see what’s hot online. That, combined with Twitter’s insight on trending hashtags, should give you an idea of what people are discussing.  

Especially on Twitter, gaining traction with trending content can help generate more engagement.

The United States has 244 athletes competing this year. Cheer on your local hero by mentioning him or her in tweets with words of encouragement. Tweet mentioning team U.S.A. in general. Remember to use a trending hashtag.

A couple of final notes on Twitter: if you are going to include a link, experts recommend you include it closer to the beginning versus the end.  There’s also a sweet spot on when to post. Although it depends on individual analytics, experts recommend tweeting in between noon and 1 p.m.  If the content is trending at that moment, always strike while the iron is hot.

About the blogger:

LeAnne Morman is a senior account executive at Lukas Partners. As a former journalist, LeAnne has a great deal of experience with all types of media, including social and digital formats. She works with organizations on a regular basis to help them use digital and social media to their advantage.

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