How to Get the Most Out of Twitter

Twitter has 313 million monthly active users, many of whom turn to Twitter for the news, technology and industry updates that interest them.

As an account executive at Lukas Partners, I manage social media for clients, and there’s nothing worse than sending a tweet out to orbit the Twitter-sphere with little to no signs of life. How do you get people to read and respond to your tweets? Getting the most out of Twitter starts with engagement.

Because of the way Twitter serves up tweets, only a subsection of your followers will see your tweet at any given time. Which means, to boost engagement and views, you may want to try tweeting it more than once.

Building a loyal following over time can increase engagement. Slow and steady wins the race. Social Media Examiner recently posted some tips on how to do this. The tips include being receptive and naturally conversing with followers. I’ve also found that liking and retweeting followers’ content helps keep a mutual relationship strong.Twitter Moments

Twitter recently unveiled a new feature, called Moments. This allows users to collect a group of tweets and share them as one complete post or thought. It’s telling your story with a collection of tweets. A good way to take advantage of this is during an event. If you have a dedicated hashtag for your event, afterwards you could group the tweets with that hashtag into a “moment” on your Twitter feed. Then, you are able to tweet out the “moment” to your followers to give them a good synopsis of the event.  Another way is to group tweets from individual Twitter accounts under your company umbrella. Or tweets from clients.

Use of video, images and links on Twitter continues to drive engagement. Another new add to Twitter is the expansion of character limits with posts that include these elements. This is great because it allows you to put those few extra words into tweets.

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LeAnne Morman is an account executive at Lukas Partners. As a former journalist, LeAnne has a great deal of experience with all types of media, including social and digital formats. She works with organizations on a regular basis to help them use digital and social media to their advantage.

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