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When Instagram first introduced Stories, another way to share your life with your followers, it was very unpopular. But now, one year later, it has  250 million daily users. For brands, it’s another way to promote your business; and for people already on the app, it’s a great way to show little snippets of your day.

One pro about Stories is that Instagram already has a ton of people using the app; as of June, it’s up to 700 million monthly active users. So brands and businesses are leaning more towards promoting their content on Instagram, rather than Snapchat. Snapchat Stories are still very popular but not as popular as Instagram Stories.  One con with Instagram Stories is that it shares the same algorithm as the app; it decides the order you see stories… unlike Snapchat, which shows them in order, from the most recently added to the least.

It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing because Instagram Stories can help sell it. Lush, a brand that makes fresh, handmade cosmetics, uses Instagram Stories to show what new products they’re making in the factory. Urban Outfitters, a clothing store, uses Instagram Stories to promote events they’re having in their stores or how to style new pieces.

Being a teenager as a summer intern at Lukas Partners, I tend to lean more towards Snapchat because I know how the app works, and I’m more comfortable with the settings; but since Instagram’s rise, I am starting to use Stories on there more and more.

Even though Snapchat came up with the concept for Stories in 2013, it’s still being reinvented through Instagram and, now, on Facebook. Though popularity is different between the platforms, time will only tell which one is the most popular. For more information, click here.


About the blogger:
Abby McLaughlin is an intern at Lukas Partners. Being a senior at Marian High School who is interested in digital media, journalism and writing, Abby is learning the different skills and techniques in public relations that helps our clients reach their targeted audiences.

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